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San Luis Obispo // Sunset Chasing

As a mom and a photographer, I cannot tell you how often I hear things like "Why don't you put your camera down and live in the moment?!" Every time I am asked this, I am completely taken back by it. I am terrified of forgetting it all. After having three kids, my memories of them have already started to blend, and many moments have faded from my mind. Looking through a lens is my way of living in the moment, and then living that moment over and over again. Looking through a lens allows me to pay more attention to small details. The way the light hits their faces, the vast emotions they go through in all of three minutes, and unspoken moments they share among each other, all of these things that I might otherwise overlook. I want to remember ALL of it. Ninety percent of it is pure chaos. The house is messy, the boys are fighting, and we are upset and yelling for them to stop. Then, Marlowe is crying and yanking at me to sit down and nurse her as I'm trying to do a million things. It is CHAOS; but my husband and I created the chaos, and I love every second of it. I would choose it all over again if I had to. I recently decided to merge a little bit of my personal stuff and family pictures into my blog; since after all, my businesses is me! So here is my first personal post- one of the best days we had, after several super hard days. We had all been sick, tired and grumpy for what felt like an eternity and hadn't gotten into the Halloween spirit whatsoever. We decided to squeeze it all into one weekend of fall festivities at the very last minute. We went to Avila barn to feed the goats and do the corn maze (which we lost Gavyn in for about ten minutes) and then we chased the sunset. As we drove back home it got super foggy and was really just the icing on the cake- chilly, grey weather perfect to cuddle up in and watch the Nightmare Before Christmas! And guess what? I took pictures. Their memories will blend and fade as mine have, but we will always remember that magical fall day in October through the photos.