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Pismo Beach maternity session // Angie

So... I have to admit that when I moved back to the central coast last year I basically just put my photography business on the back burner. I had built my portfolio up and gained clientele in Idaho and I was so intimidated to start somewhere new that I almost just didn't. If you're from this area then I am sure you are aware of the crazy amount of artistic talent here. It is extremely saturated with people who are the best of the best at anything in the creative world. But I randomly had a couple of old friends ask about photos and decided to do a couple family holiday sessions. I really didn't have any idea if I would do anything more than that. But then it all just kind of unfolded. I was introduced to some other photographers and creatives in the wedding industry and immediately realized how amazing the community is here! I have heard horror stories of other areas where photographers are extremely competitive and put each other down, but here it is the exact opposite. Everyone is so ready to help each other and build each other up. I am continuously blown away by how supportive everyone is of one another. I feel so lucky to live here and have this as my thing! Along with that, I have gotten to see and photograph so many of my old childhood friends. It is so easy to grow up and go ten years without seeing the people you used to be close with, and now I get to take photos of them doing big things in their lives like having babies and getting married and it's amazing. Angie is one of those old friends- we met in middle school and I've always just loved her. After not seeing each other in nearly a decade we have now gotten to hang out and document her pregnancy! I am so excited to meet the little guy who is due this August!