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Orcutt Family & Maternity session - Bayly Family // San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

This session completely revived my creative soul. Do you ever just go through those phases, where life feels kind of mundane and you are basically just surviving the day, and that is really it? I had been going through one of those for a minute (mainly because of being so busy with the things I am not a fan of being busy with) and I pretty much stopped picking up my camera unless it was for work, and I was feeling pretty blah about everything. And then I met the Bayly family. Seeing them interact with each other reminded me of my family, pre third baby, and of how beautiful it all is. Even when it does feel mundane. And how silly it is to feel that way when you live somewhere so amazing, with your healthy family and have everything you really need. It snapped me out of my funk and I was overwhelmed with fresh ideas and a refound appreciation for that golden light and all of the sweet people that choose me to capture their memories. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this session!