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Alamo Motel Couple's Session - Emilia & Shark // San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Alright. I have no words for these two. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed with taking their photos. You know those people that you hang out with and when you leave you feel all positive and refreshed for the remainder of the day? That’s these guys. They have the most fun, pure, sweet love for each other and I’m certain that when they are 90 they will still be head over heels! When I originally took their photos, we had planned on doing an in home session with a bubble bath and it didn’t work out so I’m super stoked the vision finally came alive! And I about died when I arrived at this motel. The office smelled like palo santo, my favorite scent in the world, followed up by the cutest room I’ve ever been in! I had just moved into my new house two days prior, so spending my Sunday evening taking pictures, having some laughs and listening to Otis Redding was the icing on the cake.

As usual, it was impossible to choose my favorites- I hope you enjoy! 🖤